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Chalet Hotel Le Collet, Haute Vosges, Lounge
Chalet Hotel Le Collet, Haute Vosges, Ambiance

Learn about the history
of the Chalet Hotel Le Collet in the Vosges

A family story

Just like all the best stories which begin with “Once upon a time…”, so does the story of the Chalet Hotel Le Collet in Xonrupt-Longemer.

Once upon a time, there were two ambitious and enthusiastic entrepreneurs: Gaëtan Lapôtre was a cook and Jeanne-Marie, known to everyone as Maïe, was a secretary. They both dreamed of a place where they could welcome guests like old friends. In Xonrupt-Longemer in the Vosges, they bought a hotel, with plans to transform it into the ultimate reflection of themselves.

During the renovation work, they honed their skills running a small brasserie and mountain refuge, close to the resort’s ski lift; the place was an immediate success, reassuring the couple that their future lay in hospitality. The chalet hotel Le Collet opened its doors in January 1969, with a self-service facility on the ground floor for skiers, a restaurant on the first floor and 22 cosy rooms.

Chalet Hotel Le Collet, Haute Vosges, Cuisine
Chalet Hotel Le Collet, Haute Vosges, Facade

As the Lapôtre family grew over the years, the couple put their heart and soul into their hotel, always focusing on new ways to pamper their guests. Boasting a real eye for detail, Le Collet provides a wonderfully warm welcome. Offering genuine hospitality and serving generous cuisine, the hotel’s reputation spread far beyond the local region. When Gaëtan Lapôtre died suddenly in 1986, his son Olivier, a chef who trained with some of the world’s best, took the helm. 

Since then, he has worked tirelessly, ensuring that this family property continues to reach new heights. A hard-working and kind-hearted visionary, he works with a dedicated team which shares his love of the finer things in life. From interior renovations to exterior refurbishment and the ambitious expansion with the opening of the hotel’s spa, Les Sources de la Meurthe, Le Collet is a resolutely contemporary, vibrant and engaging hotel.

Chalet Hotel Le Collet, Haute Vosges, Mountains

A stunning hideaway in the mountains

The Chalet Hotel Le Collet boasts the ultimate accommodation in the mountains: here in the Vosges, guests are welcomed as friends, amid truly unique natural surroundings.

Chalet Hotel Le Collet, Haute Vosges, Room

This luxury wood-clad property is a wonderful haven where comfort, well-being, hospitality and gastronomy reign supreme. Designed to make the most of its altitude, 1,110 metres above sea and just that little bit closer to the stars, Olivier Lapôtre’s hotel boasts endless clever touches and unique details which are a visual delight.

Beautifully decorated, it features vintage pieces worthy of the finest personal collections. From an oversized alarm clock to an old stove, from a variety of wood stoves to jugs, salt shakers and coal buckets, the Chalet Hotel Le Collet has a truly unique ambiance

Chalet Hotel Le Collet, Haute Vosges, Room

Hospitality, generosity, high standards, determination, creativity and progression: these are Olivier Lapôtre’s key values and the driving force behind the hotel’s relaxed art de vivre.

In this property, where everything has been designed for guests’ enjoyment, hospitality reaches new heights. Located in a stunning destination, which is ideal for a relaxing holiday or as a base camp for adventurous explorers of the Vosges, Le Collet is worlds away from it all and promises a truly unforgettable stay.